Quick Covid19 Coronavirus Update

The world is certainly turned upside right now and I want to send my well wishes out to everyone. For many, this Coronavirus appears to be as dangerous as the fake media makes it out to be, so hopefully everyone is taking the proper precautions to avoid crowds as much as possible. And for the love of God, stop hoarding toilet paper!

With that said, being cooped up inside without music sucks, so it’s a great time to stock up on all of the compact discs you missed out on while I was in business. Or perhaps you’re doing a lot of life recollection and feel nostalgic, take advantage of my situation. Email me for the most up to date PDF inventory lists…. currently comprised of over 800+ compact disc titles, 145 different flags, tshirts and much, much more.

During these trying times, please practice social distancing and keep in touch with those in the neighborhood that may need help, especially the elderly.

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