Whether you’re interested in obtaining only one compact disc or much more of the decades worth of unsold memorabilia, cds, t-shirts, jackets, records, patches, domains, copyrights, etc, please email me to receive the current PDF file lists.

Regardless of what your motivations are, I would like to liquidate everything and greatly welcome any legitimate offer to obtain everything in it’s entirety. Open up a shopping mall or have a bonfire, the choice is yours.

I am open to barter and trading for anything from guitars or vehicles to working electronics, antiques and collectibles, feel free to make any reasonable offers, the worst I can say is no.

Over the years, I always wondered what happened to the merchandise when Resistance Records, Wolfpack Records, Panzerfaust Records, Nordland, Midgaard Records and Rock-o-Rama Records closed their doors, it’s quite amazing to see how much you can amass in a few decades.

My goal is to get rid  of everything, 100% of the products that remain and the domains, copyrights, etc. You will never get an opportunity like this again.