Do you want merchandise???


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Okay folks, first off let me thank the people who have taken advantage of the situation I am presenting and purchased merchandise. Now, let me again explain in detail what exactly I am making available and how you can obtain it.

I am currently offering a sort of mystery box, you contact me and let me know how much you are looking to spend, a general idea of what you would like and also list anything you definitely do not want. A few examples would be: “I am going to send $150 and I would like any Johnny Rebel, Brutal Attack, Bound For Glory, Landser or Skrewdriver cds you have, perhaps a size large shirt. I do not want any non-English speaking bands.” “I’m mailing $50 and I’d like any vinyl, especially German. The older the better.” and “I purchased the money order for $300 and I’d like as many confederate flags as possible.”

The more money you spend, the more products I will throw in. Guaranteed, you will be extremely happy with everything you receive. Since I no longer operate the businesses, the merchandise is sitting around in storage so I decided to just sell it off personally as I’m unable to manage a business any longer.

Another way to get merchandise is to trade! I love this idea and it can be a lot of fun. I don’t care if you have some rare coins, electronics, phones, computers, perhaps some other types of vinyl records, a car or even a house, I am 100% willing to barter out deals for my merchandise. I am sure you have things sitting around the house that you just never use… why not swap it out for some of the most powerful music and merchandise ever created? Email me with any offers at the CONTACT ME page.

I’ve even received a few emails claiming to be from organizations looking to purchase massive quantities to burn. I tell you all the same thing, I don’t care what you do with whatever you buy, I’m looking to get rid of everything and I need money. If you want to squirt ketchup all over it and rub it on yourself, feel free. In a once-free America, you can do with it as you please.


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