Cyber Yard Sale

* Always read the “stickied” and newest posts for the most up to date information. These will be at the top of the list.

I am interested in selling off a massive amount of compact discs, vinyl records, t-shirts, etc and the easiest way to do this is for you simply to email me with how much you want to spend, and I will give you purchasing information and assure you that you will get much more than the amount you pay. You can also tell me what types of merchandise you are interested in and what you absolutely don’t want, but all orders will consist of what I put together for the amount being paid. My only goal will be selling as much merchandise as possible, so it will be almost impossible that you will be unhappy. The happier you are, the more you will want to buy and just as the business was made a success 100% due to customer loyalty and word of mouth, I want you to be more than content and to tell others of your experience.

Simply use the CONTACT me link and include: How much you want to spend, a basic idea of what you’d like and what you don’t and I will give you all purchasing information.

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